Anna Nanou


+30 6946 68 80 46


Unconventioned doctor


English, Greek

Hello, I am Anna

I am an Allergist.

I received the specialty title of Allergology in 2005 in Athens, Greece. Since then I have been working as an Allergist treating all allergic diseases in adults and children, such as cases of respiratory allergy (rhinitis, asthma), skin allergy (atopic dermatitis, urticaria), food allergy, drug allergy, etc.

I apply the most recent diagnostic methods such as skin allergy tests and specific allergy laboratory testing.

I have extensive experience in specialized treatments for allergic diseases, such as immunotherapy (for respiratory allergy) and treatment with biological agents (for asthma and chronic urticaria).

Whatever your case, for any question or online appointment, please feel free to contact me via SMS/EMAIL. I will contact you as soon as possible.