Silvia García


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Unconventional therapist

Life Coach

I am a certified Life Coach originally from Barcelona, fluent in Spanish, English and French who has been living in Brussels since 2009. I am Biologist by education with over 15 year’s experience in the corporate medical science sector. I am also a mother of a 9 year’s old girl.

I have always been passionate about human relations and personal development. Which is why after all those years in the corporate world I finally decided to follow my personal values and inspirations and get certified as Life Coach at the Novaterra Coaching School, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), in Brussels. All information shared during my coaching sessions is strictly confidential, I follow the ICF Code of Ethics here.

My coaching programme works by a series of sessions that last 60 minutes in English, Spanish or French. It is a time for you to just let go and be clear about what you need in your life right now and how you can maximize your chances of turning every event or circumstances into a gift and opportunity. While life may present intense challenges, your happiness doesn’t have to depend on your circumstances. My motivation is to help women to recognise those limiting fears and beliefs and reverse those negative thought patterns we all have.

I also support women through your fertility journey. I know that when you want a baby and struggle to fall pregnant this becomes your focus and all you think about. This impacts your relationships, your social life, work, your body – in fact all of you. Having experienced this myself, my coaching can help you change your mindset to feeling more positive, and to help you be calm and in control of your fertility journey.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions by phone or e-mail (0032 474 410 693 or