Antouanetta Plastargia


+32 489 774 587


Anglais, Grec


Thérapeute non-conventionné

Hello, I am Antouanetta

In 2011, I graduated from the department of Speech and Language Therapy of ATEI Patras and I also hold a master’s degree in Deglutology from KU Leuven. Before coming to Belgium, I was working in Greece in the public and private sector. For seven years, I have been working with multiple cases, including people with learning difficulties, phonologic and articulation problems, dysphagia, dyspraxia, aphasia and people in autism spectrum. I am member of Panhellenic Association of Speech Therapists.

My belief is that the way to resolve communication problems is not always easy. For this reason, I am always next to the child-adult and his family with respect and guidance for everyone.

Collaboration with MAZI is currently in the works.